About this website

Welcome to my personal website and blog.

I decided to build this website to share all of experiences and knowledge with others who want to achieve more in the web development field.

My mission here is to simplify the web to the people who is interested in this field.

About Me

Hi Awesomes 👋,
My name is Ahmed Moawad,
I'm a seasonal software engineer specialized in Web Frontend Development.

The Start
I started my career as a general purpose software engineer, I tried to find the industry that can attract me and show the best of me.

I started with the embedded systems (it was interesting field) then I started to integrate my experience in this field with the programming the applications, and the best choice at this time was Android Development

As part of my College Graduate Project was to ease blind people tech life by building a UI Launcher in the mobile which be easier to blind people to access the mobile phone features like calling, chatting or playing their favourite music and so on, and I succeeded to build this launcher and our team enters competitions with this model, but the shock happens when I tried this Launcher with the targeted people and the feedback that I got was so beneficial to me as there was a lot of features in the smartphones that helps to achieve this purpose and here I learned the hard way to make a User Research before building the service, our team efforts got a lot of attention and appreciation at this time but didn't serve the purpose that was built for.

The Choice
Then, I studied ITI (Information Technology Institute) for nine months, In this period I learned about a lot of software engineering domains (Mobile Development, Web Frontend Development and Backend Development), I did a lot of projects related to those domains, but the domain that attracted me the most was Frontend Development, so I decided to specialize in this field.

The Journey
I joined a company as Full Stack Web Engineer, It was interesting to see the full picture and touchbase all web aspects but always I found myself attracted more to the Frontend part.

and After that, I got an opportunity to join ITI again but this time as an instructor, I found this opportunity so challenging especially in the teaching part, I spend two years there and contribute to graduate more than 200 students, it was amazing journey.

This period helped me a lot in the following aspects:
- Be able to simplify the concepts and make it easier to be digested.
- Be able to mentor and coach group of people and success together.
- Be able to learn the concepts deeply and organize them in my mind.

also this period helped me a lot in the horizontal (Deep) knowledge in my field.

Then, I joined my current company and I learned a lot about not only the frontend development, also about the Product and UX, and I saw and touchbased the Life Cycle of the Product, and that helps me to improve my vertical knowledge of my field and saw the whole picture and be able to integrate with the other parties.

Nowadays, I'm a Senior Engineering Manager in Web, managing two products, and that sharpen my management skills and hiring skills.

Everyday, I learn a new thing and discover how little knowledge I have and how the industry is so rich and has a lot of branches,
it is exhausting but amusing field.

So, I will try with this website to share my knowledge and experiences with you hoping that it will benefit some of you in their career and life.